Illusion, Daniel Aron

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    "Illusion, Daniel Aron"
    from Thursday, September 11, 2014 to Wednesday, October 22, 2014
    Galerie du 10

    Motion pictures have the power to make the audience willingly suspend their disbelief. What is real and what is fake? It is a world of illusion, and the magic of filmmaking begins long before the director shouts “action” and the camera rolls. What the audience is kept in the dark about is the thousands of hours and hundreds of skilled craftsmen it takes to construct sets, environments, atmospheres and props so convincingly we forget we are at the movies. Daniel Aron has spent the last two years traveling the world to bring back images of abandoned film sets. From Hollywood to Bollywood, from Prague to Rome, these cardboard pieces of construction – surviving remnants from film sets – still hold vivid emotional impact. They have become works of art in their own right. Sadly, preservation of these sets is becoming increasingly difficult. Daniel Aron’s images are a tribute to all those behind-the-scene artisans who have crafted unforgettable illusions that enthrall.

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